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corsinet.com is an excellent, intelligent way to waste time on the internet: discover unusual facts, learn some new things, wake up your brain cells and have some fun.

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Our collections:

Brain Candy was first posted on the internet in 1990, as a way to store the accumulation of word play, riddles and jokes we had compiled through the years.

Trivial Trivia is our collection of weird facts and unusual information, much of it is totally useless unless one is training for Jeopardy or a trivia contest.

Chicago Collections is a huge resource about Chicago. A little history, some quotations and song lyrics, and links to great Chicago area attractions.

DesignWeb started because people liked our web sites and asked for help in designing theirs. We are currently taking new clients only on a very selective basis.

TC is Tony's artwork. He doesn't sell it & doesn't answer his email, so don't even bother.

Our Garden is a work in progress. It's what we've learned about installing and maintaining a koi pond in our back yard. There are lots of pictures of our pond and plants we've had success with in a shady yard, in the brutal weather of the Chicago area.

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31 December

23 December

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21 December

20 December

19 December

The Christmas Carol: Why not Charlotte or Marie? There are songs and there are carols and never the two shall compare. These sacred melodies associated with the holiday season have their own special history. Read on to learn more, even if you can’t carry a tune.

18 December

Rock on, rock on is dedicated in specific to the work of San Francisco balanced rock sculptor Bill Dan and to the art, discipline and craft of rock balancing in general. It includes images of Bill's balanced rocks and stones, links to other rock balancers, with information about naturally balancing rocks and world-wide rock and stone balancing and stacking traditions.

17 December

17 December

cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at: bacon and eh's (12/12/2004 post)

16 December

15 December

14 December

13 December



The list price was $332.49, which earned us a $19.12 referral fee and helps to pay for this month's hosting cost. Very much appreciated, thanks!

12 December

yours for 27 million! 1143 Summit Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210 - The legendary Pickfair Estate was originally built as a hunting lodge in 1919. It was rebuilt in 1932 by Wallace Neff for Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. The property includes a spa with dome glassed ceiling, gymn, pool, theater, discoteque, guest apartment in main house, separate 2 bedroom guest house, and staff quarters. There are 15 bedrooms and 17 full baths in all, and it can be yours, for only $27 million!

11 December

Leite's Culinaria is David Leite's elegant and tasty online food 'zine -- a collection of articles about the history and mystery of culinary pleasures. You eill find mouth-watering recipes, book reviews, and resources for cooks, foodies, and all who enjoy eating well. (via Yahoo Picks)

10 December

10 December

cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at: Dax GFXartist.com


9 December

8 December

7 December

6 December

Worldometer shows world statistics: current Earth population, births today, deaths today, and some lesser known facts such as cumulative hours waited for internet to download this year, miles Earth has traveled in space within our Solar System this year, and millions of calories, consumed this year. Shockingly, it also posts the number of deaths of children under 5 this year and American military casualties in Iraq. The number of US deaths since war began on March 19, 1903 is 1268.

5 December

4 December

3 December

3 December

cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at: Michael's Gallery


2 December

Prime Minister of France, Charles de Gaulle, asked, "How can you govern a nation that has two hundred and forty different kinds of cheese?" How well do you know your cheeses? (via grow-a-brain)

1 December

30 November

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he's just not that into you
He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

the white road
The White Road
John Connolly, fiction

the killing kind
The Killing Kind
John Connolly, fiction

Christmas With Andre Rieu
Andre Rieu - Tuscany
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the christmas song
The Christmas Song
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White Christmas
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Christmas Peace
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Christmas With Andre Rieu
Christmas With Andre Rieu
Andre Rieu DVD

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