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corsinet.com is an excellent, intelligent way to waste time on the internet: discover unusual facts, learn some new things, wake up your brain cells and have some fun.

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Brain Candy was first posted on the internet in 1990, as a way to store the accumulation of word play, riddles and jokes we had compiled through the years.

Trivial Trivia is our collection of weird facts and unusual information, much of it is totally useless unless one is training for Jeopardy or a trivia contest.

Chicago Collections is a huge resource about Chicago. A little history, some quotations and song lyrics, and links to great Chicago area attractions.

DesignWeb started because people liked our web sites and asked for help in designing theirs. We are currently taking new clients only on a very selective basis.

TC is Tony's artwork. He doesn't sell it & doesn't answer his email, so don't even bother.

Our Garden is a work in progress. It's what we've learned about installing and maintaining a koi pond in our back yard. There are lots of pictures of our pond and plants we've had success with in a shady yard, in the brutal weather of the Chicago area.

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30 November

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29 November

28 November

national toy hall of fameThe National Toy Hall of Fame® was established in 1998 by A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village, a children’s museum in Salem, Oregon, to recognize toys that have achieved longevity and national significance in the world of play and imagination. To date, 31 toys have made it into The National Toy Hall of Fame.

27 November

Michael J. Deas is one of the nation’s premier illustrators. His paintings have graced the cover of Time Magazine and more than a dozen postage stamps commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service. He is the artist behind two of the best-selling postage stamps in United States history, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. His Columbia Pictures logo remains one of the most familiar icons in cinema history.

26 November

26 November

cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at: Autumngold's place


25 November - Happy Thanksgiving!

24 November

23 November

Think your job is bad? Just be glad you’re not spending it in minute examination of unusual growths on a dozen or so people’s posteriors. The Worst Jobs in Science: The Sequel, lists some really awful jobs, including Anal-Wart Researcher, Worm Parasitologist, Tampon Squeezer and Tick Dragger.

22 November

21 November

20 November

19 November

19 November

cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at: Aarre Rinne Photography, portfolio



18 November

absolute ad postersAbsolut Vodka ad collecting has grown enormously over the past 20 years. With the most comprehensive ad database on the internet, Absolutad.com provides you with information on just about any ad that exists, and has thumbnails of hundreds of ad posters.


17 November

16 November

15 November

Parasite Pals - Cute toys, stationery, purses, bags and accessories featuring Dig Dig Head Louse, Tickles Tapeworm, Blinky Eyelash Mite and Zzeezz Bedbug who all live on their friend, Holly Hostess. Sure, what kid wouldn't want to play with parasites?

14 November

13 November

12 November

12 November

cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at: MartiniPundit


11 November

US Marines recruiting postersThe US Marines Corp celebrated their 229th birthday on November 10th.

10 November

How the Royal Family shook off their German roots. Allan Massie explains why the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas decided to become the plain old Windsors. (Independent) (saved text)

9 November

Residential organizing tip of the day: Avoid purchasing products that will need additional work. For example copper pots and pans, silver, and knick knacks. Do you really need it...or want it? How much time are you willing to invest in maintaining it? Cleaning it?

8 November

7 November

6 November

5 November

5 November

cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at: chromasia



4 November

3 November

2 November

1 November

maya ruinsThe Maya were concerned with creating monumental ceremonial spaces, often astronomically aligned, within which ritual and political theater could take place. The Maya Ruins is an absolutely gorgeous website of ruins in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.


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he's just not that into you
He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

the white road
The White Road
John Connolly, fiction

the killing kind
The Killing Kind
John Connolly, fiction

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