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31 october Totally silly ways to waste time:
ant city card trick eggs
happy fun song i'm a cow knight moves
nobody here phone speller road blocks
rushmore strangers text twist
30 october To tip, or not to tip? Mmmm... the rules for tipping vary greatly from country to country. What's perfectly normal behavior in a Tokyo restaurant might be thought rude in a Texan diner. That's why there's International Tipping Etiquette. (via j-walk blog)
29 october Take a photo tour of Disneyland as it was captured on film by visitors in the 1950's and 1960's.
29 october cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at: Photos by Esti Eini
28 october So soothing for some reason, Sisters at Prayer, by the Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth, Tunkhannock, PA.
27 october We all know that rock & roll is the devil's music, so it should be no surprise that the Great Deceiver likes to occasionally spice up his raucous riffs with tall tales. From the bats to the cows to the elephants to the ham sandwiches, here is the devil's best work: Rock's 10 Wildest Myths. (via diversionz)
26 october life as interpreted by a 92 year old rebelThis is what I want to be like when I'm 92! Marie Rudisill is the Fruitcake Lady. In 2002, Marie began giving her own special advice in the "Ask the Fruitcake Lady" segments on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
(careful, language NSW)
Ask the Fruitcake Lady #9 : Marie's advice on dating, lazy teenagers, ugly children and toilet paper.
Ask the Fruitcake Lady #8 : Marie's advice on skinny dipping, men's butts, trouble-makers and (male) organ size.
Ask the Fruitcake Lady #7 : Marie's advice on cheating men, amorous dogs and briefs vs. boxers.
25 october We try very hard to veer away from politics here, but some things are just too good not to pass along.
Curious George
I'm confused
Slap the Candidate
Wolves vs. Eagle

24 october

halloween links

One week to Halloween and here's the rest of our Halloween-suitable links:
Anime Pumpkins! (via information junk)
Catacombs (the quarries of Paris)
Corpses for Sale
Ghost Haunts
Ghost Town Gallery
The Ultimate Top 10 Mummies
23 october Miss Mary's Gazette is an erratically published eclectic newsletter edited by Miss Mary, containing Victorian era wit and whimsy, obscure poetry, forgotten facts, parlor amusements, and many entertaining diversions for both the old and young.

22 october

halloween links

The Ghosts of Scotland: With its long and often bloody history, it's only natural for Scotland to be fertile ground for ghosts and hauntings. In fact, Scotland has more reported ghosts than almost any other country, some of which are quite famous. For instance, there have been reports of the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots haunting many places. And you would be hard pressed to find ANY Scottish castle that isn't inhabited by a ghost or two (and sometimes many more).
22 october

cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at Cosmo's Story,
via Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day.

Also see: lime cat and the Cat Name Generator

21 october

"For a guy who's been known derisively to the Bush crowd as the Breck girl," observes Harry Shearer, vice presidential candidate John Edwards seems "way too interested in his hair."

20 october photos from Chicago Daily News 1902-1933 Photographs from Chicago collection comprises over 55,000 images of urban life captured on glass plate negatives between 1902 and 1933 by photographers employed by the Chicago Daily News, then one of Chicago's leading newspapers. Most of the photographs were taken in Chicago, Illinois, or in nearby towns, parks, or athletic fields. In addition to many Chicagoans, the images include politicians, actors, and other prominent people who stopped in Chicago during their travels and individual athletes and sports teams who came to Chicago.

19 october

halloween links

Welcome to ExtremePumpkins.com where strange pumpkins, pumpkin patterns, and alternative pumpkin carving techniques are developed and demonstrated for you. Pumpkin carving will never be the same.

If you have a photo of a truly grotesque pumpkin design, be sure to send it in to this years contest & see winners of 2003 contest.

18 october Bonsai at its highest level is a fine art. But fine art begins with great craft. Westerners aspiring toward bonsai art excellence would do well to follow the craftsmanship found in these excellent bonsai examples.
17 october Although most people know that a list exists of the Seven World Wonders, only few can name them. The list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was originally compiled around the second century BC. They reflect the ability of humans to change the surrounding landscape by building massive yet beautiful structures, one of which stood the test of time to this very day.

16 october

halloween links

Ernest Rhys chose 57 ghost stories and tales of the supernatural from literary works, folklore and myth to create an anthology that is both textbook of the supernatural and storybook of the middle world of ghosts. Especially worth reading is The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe.
15 october Gmail is a new kind of webmail offered by Google. You get 1000 megabytes of free storage so you'll never need to delete another message. Gmail is free, but accounts are available by invitation only. We'll send an invite to the first 10 people who send an email to corsinet at gmail.com requesting a Gmail invitation.
15 october Full text, audio and video database of some 80 Hollywood movie speeches. Included are military movie speeches, sports-oriented movie speeches, forensic movie speeches, and social-political movie speeches, among others.
15 october cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at petebevin.com
14 october Egg and meat and cheese and meat and cheese. A repulsive Burger King ad: wake up in bed with a big, plastic-headed king. Yuk! (via Nita's Hickory Creek)
13 october JibJab's hilarious political parody: Good to Be in D.C.

12 october

halloween links

Do you avoid mirrors? Do you occasionally turn into a bat? If so, you might be a vampire. Cult Vampire Magazine has classic vampire stories about Dracula and others, new vampire fiction, a quiz to find out if you're a vampire or not, and vampire artwork. (via Yahoo Picks)
11 october

Good Bye, Superman! Christopher Reeve, 52, has died of heart failure. (CNN)

Other Superman information: Actors Behind the "S", Smallville, The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman, actors who should Not Play Superman.

10 october When television emerged as a mass medium in the early 1950s, TV advertising became an essential campaign tool. The first political advertising strategy for television was for Dwight Eisenhower, placing 20-second ads on such popular shows as I Love Lucy. The Living Room Candidate showcases Presidential Campaign Commercials from 1952 to 2004.

9 october

halloween links

Pumpkin Masters helps families celebrate Halloween with many fun ways to decorate pumpkins and share family time. They're giving away up to $15,000 in prizes in the 2004 Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Pictures of 2003 contest winners have been posted. Gone are the days of triangle eyes and noses.

8 october King Arthur: his name is synonymous with wisdom and fairness. The names of his wife, magician and knights are household words. His sword symbolizes righteous power. His capitol city is an icon for earthly perfection, but with all this name recognition, we still aren't sure that he ever actually lived.
8 october cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at photo.net
7 october Overpaid athletes? USA TODAY's football salaries database contains year-by-year listings of salaries for National Football League players, from the 2000 season through the most recently-completed season. The search options here allow you to see salaries and bonuses for specific players, plus median and total salaries for each team. You can also look up basketball, baseball, and hockey salaries.

6 october

halloween links

skulls in culture Skulls in culture: Skulls do more than just protect the brain — they also stimulate the mind. Often symbols of mortality and power, they have been employed in human ceremony, ritual, and art for tens of thousands of years. From the ancient animal skulls in Paleolithic burial sites to the curlicued cattle skulls that float like spirits over Georgia O’Keefe’s canvas mountains, cultures around the world have turned to skulls to express ideas about both life and death.
5 october

What do you think happens when you throw a slice of processed cheese (without removing the plastic wrapping) onto a lit barbeque?

Unbelievably what actually happens, as discovered by the pioneers and inventors of the sport of Cheese Racing, is that the plastic pouch does not melt - even when the cheese inside eventually boils! Even more incredibly, as the cheese melts and the strange chemicals found in processed cheese turn to gas - the plastic pouch inflates until eventually all four corners lift off the BBQ and the pouch is fully inflated!

4 october

Did you miss the latest US Presidential Debate? After all the weighty words are passed back and forth, it is often a simple gesture or a quick quip or a difference in appearance that remains in the memory. Read about some of the the memorable moments of past Presidential Debates.

Is there an issue you have strong opinions about? At You Debate, your ideas might help change minds.

3 october At the Fairy Museum, will find a history of the fairies as they have been viewed and portrayed in popular culture, from their conjectured prehistoric origins to Japanese anime.
2 october

social hygiene poster: the dangers of prostitution American Social Hygiene Posters is a collection of social services posters from the 1910s to the 1970s. There is a wide range of subjects covered, including sexuality, mental health, cleanliness, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The posters weren't meant to be funny at the time. They are now, such as the one pictured here, of an enticing prostitute, wearing the label "venereal carrier." (via steel white table)

1 october

interesting history of the 'happy birthday' song

The next time you hear "Happy Birthday" in a movie — and now that you’re listening, it won’t be long — stay for the credits at the end of the movie. Think about how Hollywood would love the story of the Hill sisters, two Southern kindergarten teachers who write a song that they only hope will be a useful teacher’s aid. Instead, the song is a hit that never goes away. It is sung hundreds of millions of times each year, a musical juggernaut that tops the efforts of Tin Pan Alley’s best. Appropriately, then, film credits are the one place left where Mildred and Patty Hill still get their due.
1 october cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at fotocommunity.
30 september Totally silly ways to waste time:
acne boom bang count sheep
fishing grandad kiss me!
lily of the valley rhapsody reflex
scribbler squares wake up!

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