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DesignWeb started because people liked our web sites and asked for help in designing theirs. We are currently taking new clients only on a very selective basis.

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Our Garden is a work in progress. It's what we've learned about installing and maintaining a koi pond in our back yard. There are lots of pictures of our pond and plants we've had success with in a shady yard, in the brutal weather of the Chicago area.

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30 september Totally silly ways to waste time:
acne boom bang count sheep
fishing grandad kiss me!
lily of the valley rhapsody reflex
scribbler squares wake up!
29 september The past is all around us in New York. It's on the buildings high above and in the subways and tunnels deep below. It's even in the paths the streets take. Forgotten NY is your gateway to a New York City that existed long ago -- and still exists in a hidden form today. On this site we'll show you remnants of a NYC of long ago, as well as unusual scenes not ordinarily associated with New York.
28 september How popular is your name and those of your friends? See how popular you've been for the past ten decades at Birthday Alarm.
27 september Annenberg Political Fact Check monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews, and news releases. Their goal is to apply the best practices of both journalism and scholarship, and to increase public knowledge and understanding.
26 september I've never been to Texas, but if there's anything worth knowing about Texas and The South, it's listed at DJ's Texas State of Mind.
25 september

Great news: I'm worth exactly: $1,943,052.00.

Have you been thinking about putting yourself up for sale lately? Ever wonder how much money you could get on the open human market? HumanForSale.com will attempt to place a value on your life using a variety of criteria in 4 basic facets of life.

24 september Herbs have been used for the past 4500 years in one form or another. The Indian Spring Herbal Encyclopedia makes available in the greatest detail possible, all aspects of each individual herb catalogued. History, where found, botanical and scientific names, common names, medical uses, common uses, chemical content, contraindications, methods of preparation, folk lore, etc.
24 september cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at Drunken Penguin .
23 september The Dollar Stretcher's goal is to provide you with useful ways to make the most of your money and time. The website is full of practical ideas about many topics from appliances to weddings. There are tips from experts and readers, and on-line mortgage and loan calculators.
22 september Today is the first day of Fall. It's also the Autumnal Equinox, the point where there is exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness at the equator.
21 september The country of Wales contains more than 400 castles. The Castles of Wales is a tribute where you will find the pictures, plans and history of some of the largest and most important examples of fortified medieval architecture in Wales.
20 september There are actors and actresses who pop up innumerable times in bit parts. We see them in movies, on TV, and in commercials. We know the face, but not the name, and usually just say, "Hey! It's That Guy!"
19 september ape portraitsJill Greenberg is a professional photographer who specializes in portraits of celebrities, models, actors, musicians, and children. She has an unusual hobby. Jill creates portraits of monkeys.
18 september If you're planning a trip to Italy, or have a longing to be there, VirtualItalia is the place to visit. It's the online resource for Italians, Italian Americans and enthusiasts of Italian culture. You can learn a new Italian phrase each day, read about Italian food and wines, and find Italian resources in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
17 september ofTheWorld.tv aims to deliver the best independent documentary films from around the world to help people better understand the world in which we live. (via flabber)
17 september cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at Bama Blog.
16 september The most extraordinary human feats are listed in the pages of Guinness World Records, which is 50 years old this week. To celebrate, here are 50 of the strangest Guinness World Record achievements. (via Presurfer)
15 september From heiress ... to famous: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Paris Hilton. Familiar faces to any television-watching American. But while Julia's name is synonymous with her character Elaine on the hit television show Seinfeld, and Paris is commonly recognized for her "work" on The Simple Life and various other, ummm... film endeavors, the two have more in common than just prime time popularity.
14 september Oprah Winfrey, one of the world's richest entertainers, surprised her fans Monday by giving each of her 276 audience members a new car to celebrate the premiere of her show's 19th season. Oprah opened her show's 19th season by giving all her audience members a brand-new Pontiac G-6.
(washington post ) (saved text)
13 september

Over the past ten years, Jon Schladweiler, the Historian of the Arizona Water & Pollution Control Association, has researched and collected materials related to the history of sewage conveyance systems.

The History of Sanitary Sewers is a dynamic collection of materials about the evolutionary development of sewers over the past 5500 years.

12 september john william waterhouseThe pages on this site are a tribute to the life and work of British painter John William Waterhouse (1849-1917).

Almost 180 paintings, studies and drawings by Waterhouse are on display here. Also, a number of new articles have recently been added, along with some previously unpublished photos of Waterhouse.

11 september Everyone failed on 9/11 to prevent the hijackings and subsequent attacks – the government and the highly-regulated large corporate airlines and their employees who had responsibilities for preventing hijackings or defending against hijacked planes – everyone failed, except the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93.

Facing dangers most of us will never face, and displaying courage few of us possess, they forced the terrorists to crash the plane in a field in Pennsylvania.

Read short biographies of these amazingly brave and rugged individuals and imagine yourself in their position.

10 september

Do you think spiders are insects? Do you think all spiders have eight legs and weave webs? Do you believe the story about a deadly, exotic spider which lurks under airport and airplane toilet seats? Guess what, you're wrong, wrong, wrong!

Most widely believed information about spiders is false. Spider Myths lists the common myths about spiders and debunks them.

10 september cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at Sharp as a Marble.
9 september

I would like to travel to foreign lands and take photos of doors. I guess others had thought to do this before I did.
Bart Aldrich's Exotic Doors photo gallery.
Dan Heller's photos of doors.
Ron Horloff Windows and Doors photo gallery.
Al Teich Doors of Italy.
Mükremin Tokmak doors in Cappadocia.
There was even a Doors of London photo contest in 2004.

8 september Erich's puzzlesErich Friedman is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Stetson University. He likes playing games, enjoys working on puzzles, and has solved Rubik's Cube in 50 seconds. Erich has a lovely collection of puzzles with 346 items in his collection so far.
7 september The World's Columbian Exposition was held in Chicago May-October 1893. It attracted 27 million visitors, almost 1/2 of US total population at that time. The Interactive Guide to the World's Columbian Exposition offers pictures, backgound information and historical facts. The largest single day attendance, at 50 cents a ticket, was October 9, 1893 (Chicago Day), when 700,000 people attended.
6 september While preparing for her own wedding, the author stumbled upon examples of strange, odd, and unflattering wedding accessories. She kept the strangest of the lot. And the Bride Wore ... categories include Strange Headgear, Flower Abuse, Bridesmaid's Lament, and much more. (via bacon and eh's)
5 september Nathan Alexander started Commercials I Hate in 1997 because the advertising industry thinks we're stupid. Commercials assume the worst about us. Commercials use ugly stereotypes to appeal to the lowest common denominator. That's nasty and insulting.
4 september

There is a defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now on...it's all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it "Jumping the Shark." From that moment on, the program will simply never be the same.

"Jump the Shark" comes from an episode of "Happy Days" when Fonzie was water skiing, wearing his leather jacket, of course, and actually jumped over a shark. That was the death of "Happy Days."

3 september Although they will be unavailable until 3032, we're ready to place our order for several of GenieCorp's Creature Comforts. By splicing DNA, they have created Lick-n-Span© with antibacterial tongues which slurp your dishes clean without spotting and LhasaMopso© with super absorbent fur that can handle even largest spills, and is guaranteed not to get up on furniture.
3 september cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at Mudry's.

Also see his stumble blog.
2 september Let your imagination soar as the birds that ruled America's skies more than a century ago live again in resplendent color. Harmony is an animated presentation of John James Audubon's The Birds of America from Le Musée de la Civilisation. The music played with each bird is perfect and beautiful. (via Yahoo Picks)
1 september Finally! A way to solve that greasy, yellow, boiled skull problem. Dermestid beetles eat all the flesh off skulls and bones, leaving them clean and white. Start your own colony. (via presurfer)
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31 august Totally silly ways to waste time:
99 rooms curve ball drift
fubbs fruit smash happiness
kelimatör mindreader names
safe place something silly tubular bells

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