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31 august Totally silly ways to waste time:
99 rooms curve ball drift
fubbs fruit smash happiness
kelimatör mindreader names
safe place something silly tubular bells
30 august One of the items on my "100 things to do before I die" list is to drive from coast to coast in the US. How exciting to see that someone had the same idea & posted a website about the journey. Coast to Coast documents Wulf Berg's 20-day trip on US Route 50 from Ocean City, Maryland to San Francisco, California.
29 august Little Miss Springfield is a website about my favorite Simpson, Lisa. Includes "If They Mated," flash games, wall paper and lots more.
28 august At Medtech Forensics, there are a number of dressed skeletons who are currently unemployed. They will provide their own clothing but are in need of work. If you have a job opening and would like to hire one of them, please make a selection.
27 august Tricks of the Trade: For every occupation, there is a catalog of secrets only its employees are aware of. A good tip from a mechanic: If you have to change a light bulb where the glass is broken, you can press a potato into the metal base to unscrew the remains of the bulb from the fixture. (via grow-a-brain and diversionz)
27 august cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at TRT Cattery.
26 august Close-up photographs of stained glass windows. There are works here by many makers including Tiffany Studios, William Morris and Henry Holiday, arranged by artist and by building location.

25 august

Our Olympic Oddity Collection:

Participants are prohibited from posting
Hyperlinking is highly hindered
Wild and wacky write-ups
Awesome and awful athletes
Forbidden foliage?
Some losers are last but not least
and finally, photos

24 august China has taken to plastic surgery with gusto. Now the artificial beauties, many of whom seek a Westernized look, have their own pageant.

In the world's first Miss Plastic Surgery contest, "Naturals," with their God-given, pain-free looks, have no place here. This stage belongs to those who have suffered for their beauty and now live beyond the cutting edge. (latimes) (text link)

The 21st Century version of foot binding?

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23 august america's priciest animal - white lion cub Which pet is the most expensive?

According to the August, 2004 issue of Forbes Magazine, here are America's most expensive animals (with pictures.) Sure, some of these are very cute, but it's amazing what people are willing to spend on a pet!
22 august Someone actually took the time to put pictures to the lyrics of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire." Feel free to sing along.
21 august On the Common Sense Community website, you'll find tons of common sense tips on a variety of subjects such as timesaving, health, organization, and cleaning. You can also benefit from tips sent in by other website visitors.
20 august Infrared light shows us the heat radiated by the world around us. By viewing animals with a thermal infrared camera, we can actually "see" the differences between warm and cold-blooded animals. Infrared also allows us to study how well feathers, fur and blubber insulate animals. As you tour this "Infrared Zoo", see what new information you can gather about the animals here that you would not get from a visible light picture.
20 august cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at Smugmug.
19 august Here are some wonderful animations we've found:
Mavis in the Park
No Milk Today
Tessellating Animation
18 august FTC Consumer Alert: Internet scammers casting about for people’s financial information have a new way to lure unsuspecting victims: They go “phishing.” Phishing is a high-tech scam that uses spam or pop-up messages to deceive you into disclosing your credit card numbers, bank account information, Social Security number, passwords, or other sensitive information.
17 august Because of the superpower status of the United States, the American President is often dubbed "the most powerful person on earth" and is often one of the world's best-known figures. During the Cold War, the President was sometimes referred to as "the leader of the free world," a phrase that is still occasionally invoked today.

Since the office of President of the United States is somewhat hallowed, fiction writers often choose to 'invent' a president in their stories to prevent a real one from being possibly insulted and/or their story from becoming 'dated' over time. Here is a list of fictional American Presidents listed in alphabetical order.
16 august Elvis Week. Elvis Presley, 42, died on August 16, 1977, having completed 23 years in show business. In commemoration of the man that changed the face of 20th century music, Graceland offers an entire week of celebrations.
Official Elvis Presley website
Tour Graceland, Elvis Presley's home.
Three generations of Presley women featured in August Vogue.
16 august Maecenas was the name of a wealthy ancient Roman and powerful politician, although he never held public office and preferred to work behind the scenes. Like other rich Romans, Maecenas had a palatial estate in which he displayed his large art collection. Leo C. Curran has
taken Maecenas and his art collection as a model for his photography collection of Images of Ancient Greece and Rome.
15 august In case you never read Alice in Wonderland as a child, here it is in a quick flash version.
14 august As most churches liberalize themselves and reject the commandments written by God in the Holy Bible, the Landover Baptist Church continues to do exactly what scripture teaches every Christian to do. And that is to keep the temple of the living God a clean vessel, untarnished by even a hint of fellowship with the unrighteous. (A tongue-in-cheek parody of conservative christianity.)
13 august Oh no! It's Friday the Thirteenth!
13 august cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at Nicely Toasted.
12 august The murder of Elizabeth Short has haunted the Los Angeles Police Department since the heinous crime was committed in 1947. The reason will undoubtedly surprise many. The truth is: L.A.P.D. knew who killed Elizabeth Short; they had him, they grilled him, but they did not hold him.

This site tells the story of the last days of Elizabeth Short, known in life and in death as the Black Dahlia.

11 august create a diamond from your loved ones' ashesA LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life.

The LifeGem provides a way to embrace your loved one's memory day by day. The LifeGem is the most unique and timeless memorial available for creating a testimony to their unique life.

10 august Cinema's Scariest Scenes ... Turn on your night light, because these scenes are downright terrifying! Watch clips from Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist and many other frightful movies.
9 august We wondered just exactly what wounds did John Kerry receive to be awarded three Purple Hearts? We found out at ask Yahoo! The reply to that question and many others is also available at Google answers.
8 august The history enthusiast need not spend a fortune or travel to Europe to glance upon the beauty of centuries past. If you are planning a vacation, we suggest a visit to any of the elegant historical sites across the United States. Eras of Elegance provides links to historical mansions, museums, battlefields, living history villages, and more.
7 august Which is the most dangerous animal on earth? Lions, perhaps, or sharks? Maybe crocodiles or a certain sort of snake? And the rhinoceros is well known to have a fearsome temper…….. But actually the answer is none of these. Several members of that vast diversity of insects are competing for this gruesome prize.
6 august

The new book Unfit for Command reveals dozens of shocking eyewitness accounts of questionable Kerry actions in Vietnam. Author John O'Neill, the man who took over John Kerry's Swift Boat, and co-author Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., have uncovered the bizarre truth behind Kerry's three Purple Hearts, his Bronze and Silver Stars, and the real reason Kerry served only four months in Vietnam.

Chapter 3 can be downloaded from Wizbang! and Hog on Ice.

6 august cute cat pictureFriday cat picture, found at A Picture's Worth.
5 august Discover hundreds of little-known uses for well-known products, learn the weird histories and bizarre facts behind many products at Joey Green's Wacky Uses.
4 august HingeHeads™ are decorative finials that fit on the top and bottom of your door hinges (pins). HingeHeads™ are designed to enhance your doors and living space, and to add a finishing touch to your room’s decor. (via #!/usr/bin/girl)
3 august african mopane worms"Tastes just like chicken!" Nearly every culture invents a food that is weird or disgusting to outsiders. These strange foods from around the world are cultural markers to show who's a member (insiders like it) and who's not a member (outsiders hate it.) Maybe a group of kids started eating it on a dare. They then perpetuate it (perpetrate it) on the next generation. Then they nudge each other and laugh when outsiders gag.
2 august You spent all those years learning about history, literature, science, geography, and math, and what do you remember? Let's see if you still know some of the things you learned, or should have learned, when you were in school. (via presurfer)
1 august Euro Poll: Reader's Digest dispatched researchers to 38 towns in 19 countries across Europe, from the UK to Russia, asking nearly 4,000 Europeans what they actually felt about each other. They asked them such questions as which Europeans they liked most (and least), who were the sexiest, the most efficient, who had the best sense of humor and the best food, and where they'd really like to live.
31 july Totally silly ways to waste time:
alberto bubbles dancing bush
eyebrows hair balls hungry spiders
magic 8 ball platform udder insanity
sadist tetris virtual stapler word lab

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