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Brain Candy was first posted on the internet in 1990, as a way to store the accumulation of word play, riddles and jokes we had compiled through the years.

Trivial Trivia is our collection of weird facts and unusual information, much of it is totally useless unless one is training for Jeopardy or a trivia contest.

Chicago Collections is a huge resource about Chicago. A little history, some quotations and song lyrics, and links to great Chicago area attractions.

DesignWeb started because people liked our web sites and asked for help in designing theirs. We are currently taking new clients only on a very selective basis.

TC is Tony's artwork. He doesn't sell it & doesn't answer his email, so don't even bother.

Our Garden is a work in progress. It's what we've learned about installing and maintaining a koi pond in our back yard. There are lots of pictures of our pond and plants we've had success with in a shady yard, in the brutal weather of the Chicago area.

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February 28, 2007

Capital Punishment U.K.
The resource site for the history of capital punishment in Britain.

February 27, 2007

Links between people, places, things, and ideas.

February 26, 2007

Top 10 World's Billionaires
Making a billion just isn't what it used to be. In ranking of the world’s richest people 20 years ago, uncovered some 140 billionaires. Just three years ago found 476. This year the list is a record 793. They’re worth a combined $2.6 trillion, up 18% since last March. Their average net worth: $3.3 billion.

February 25, 2007

6 Scariest Natural Disasters
There’s nothing quite as frightening as when Mother throws one of her temper tantrums. Mother Nature, that is. And while there’s some comfort in knowing that at least there’s a little science in her madness, the explanations are enough to keep you up at night.

February 24, 2007

50 Things You Didn't Know About Disney World
Think you know everything about Walt Disney World Resort and its four world-class theme parks – Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Think again!

February 23, 2007

Numbers: Facts, Figures & Fiction
Numbers from one to thirty one ... a page for each day of the month.
Click on a number to learn more about it.

February 22, 2007

Journey Out of Darkness: American Heroes in Hitler’s POW Camps
More than 100,000 American servicemen were held in Nazi Germany during World War II. In the prison camps, they faced an unrelenting battle against abuse, overwork, dysentery, and starvation. Many POWs lost up to half their body weight, soon resembling concentration camp survivors. Contrary to today’s popular mythology, escape was but a pipe dream for nearly all POWs. And yet they adapted to adversity, triumphed over humiliation, and survived the war’s chaotic end in 1945.

February 21, 2007

Macaulay Library - Animal Sound & Video Catalog
The Macaulay Library is the world's largest archive of animal sounds.They have more than 160,000 recordings of 67 percent of the world's birds, and rapidly increasing holdings of insects, fish, frogs, and mammals.

February 20, 2007

Top 10 Internet Scandals of All Time
The Internet isn't a dump truck, it's a series of tubes. And many a reputation has gone swirling down those tubes, thanks to the Net's ability to expose scoundrels, scalawags, liars, cheats, and fools--and then broadcast the scandal to a billion glowing screens.

February 19, 2007

1500-1550 in fashion
Fashion in the period 1500-1550 in Western Europe is marked by voluminous clothing. Contrasting fabrics, slashes, embroidery, applied trims, and other forms of surface ornamentation became prominent. Sleeves were a center of attention, and were puffed, slashed, cuffed, and turned back to reveal contrasting linings.

February 18, 2007

The Greatest Porkers in Pop Culture History
Pigs may be some of the tastiest animals ever made. No matter how cute some of them may be, you can't deny the mouth watering goodness of bacon. But aside from their culinary contributions to society, it's time we honor their importance as pop culture icons.

February 16, 2007

You name it, if it's an antioxidant, we'll swallow it by the bucket-load. According to some estimates around half the adults in the US take antioxidant pills daily in the belief they promote good health and stave off disease. We have become antioxidant devotees. But are they doing us any good?

February 15, 2007

Books for Cooks
This unique collection of cookery books will transport you back in time. It will take you to medieval banqueting tables laden with peacocks and pastry ships; to the medicine cabinets of noblewomen; and to royal picnics in the jungle. It will show you how the poor were encouraged to re-use coffee grounds in Victorian London, and how a rationed population attempted to stay healthy during World War 2. You will find recipes for puddings and roasts, for beauty treatments and bed bug repellents, for pies made with live birds and frogs, and for dishes spiced with ingredients as valuable as jewels.


February 14

Valentines Day Trivia
from the Brain Candy collections...

February 13, 2007

Almost immediately her life was transformed, as she began to put into practice what she had learned. It seemed to Rhonda that almost no-one knew the things that she had discovered, even though the concepts could be found in almost every religion and field of human endeavour throughout history. And in that moment her greatest wish, and mission, was to share this knowledge with the world.

February 12, 2007

The Heritage of the Great War / First World War 1914-1918.
This website features one of the most extensive and explicit WW-1 photo collections on the Internet.

February 11, 2007

Caveman Crib
Visit your favorite Neanderthal at his home.

February 10, 2007

Making Valentines: A Tradition in America
The evolution of the Valentine's Day card.

February 9, 2007

M. C. Escher Official Website
On this website you can find information about the use of M.C. Escher's work, a short biography, news, bibliography, links and some fun stuff like a Virtual Ride through some of his works.

February 8, 2007

Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute :: SelecTree
Over 6,050 photos for 1,068 trees are now linked from the tree's detailed record.

February 7, 2007

February 6, 2007

History of Religion
How has the geography of religion evolved over the centuries, and where has it sparked wars? This map gives us a brief history of the world's most well-known religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism.

February 5, 2007

The Best & Worst Super Bowl Ads
TIME takes a look at the real reason we all watch the Super Bowl

February 4, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday!

A Story Behind Every Ring
For the winners of football's highest honor, the bling truly is the thing. Each player and coach from a Super Bowl–winning team receives a ring to commemorate the momentous occasion. While fashions change over the decades, the past forty years of Super Bowls have seen one constant—enormous rings encrusted with a variety of jewels.

Super Bowl trivia

February 3, 2007

Barnes & Noble.com - Bestsellers: Daily Top 10 Books by Subject
Get the Top 10 Bestsellers for more than 300 Book Subjects -- Updated Daily!
Start with a basic category, or jump right down into one of dozens of subjects for each category.

February 2, 2007

Mark Twain's Mississippi
This web site provides a fully searchable and indexed digital library of some of Samuel Clemens' publications under the name of Mark Twain, placing special emphasis upon Twain's Mississippi novels and reminiscences.

February 1, 2007

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