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February Fantasies


February 28


February 28

Louis XIV spared no expense (and nearly bankrupted France) in adorning Versailles with the finest furnishings to impress his subjects and foreign dignitaries.

February 27

Belmont Mansion
In 1849 Adelicia married Joseph Acklen, a young attorney from Alabama, and they immediately began construction on Belle Monte (Belmont.) An Italianate-style villa, it was a summer home escape from the heat at her 8,400 acre Louisiana cotton plantation. The Acklens built, furnished, and landscaped one of the most elaborate antebellum homes in the South, with 36 rooms and 19,000 sq. ft. The estate contained an art gallery, conservatories, lavish gardens, aviary, lake and zoo.

February 26

Alnwick Castle
Alnwick Castle is the second largest inhabited Castle in England, the first being Windsor Castle, and has been the home of the Percys, Earls and Dukes of Northumberland since 1309. The earliest mention of Alnwick Castle in the history books appears soon after 1096 when Yves de Vescy became baron of Alnwick and erected the earliest parts of the Castle. You may recognize this film location, for everything from Harry Potter to Elizabeth to Becket to Blackadder.

February 25

February 24

The palace construction was completed in May of 1796, during the last year of Catherine the Great's reign. On June 12, 1796, Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich and his spouse moved into the New Palace.

February 23

The Winchester House
In 1884, a wealthy widow named Sarah L. Winchester began a construction project of such magnitude that it was to occupy the lives of carpenters and craftsmen until her death thirty-eight years later. The Victorian mansion, designed and built by the Winchester Rifle heiress, is filled with so many unexplained oddities, that it has come to be known as the Winchester Mystery House.

February 22

The Taj Mahal
In December 1631, the fifth Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, commenced the construction of one of the greatest monuments of all time, the Taj Mahal. It is a mausoleum built in the memory of his beloved and favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, fulfilling one of the promises that he made to her as she lay on her deathbed: To erect a monument to match her beauty.

February 21

By 1947, Hearst and Morgan had created an estate of 165 rooms and 127 acres of gardens, terraces, pools and walkways.

February 20

We visited the gardens at Villa d'Este in January, 2005. See our photos.

February 19

The palace and gardens were conceived as a single unit with great scenographic impact, and the island began to take the shape of an imaginary vessel with the villa built on the narrowest part in the north (forward deck) and the garden on the widest part in the south (after deck).

February 18

The Potala Palace
Potala Palace was built by King Srong-tsan-gam-po and Princess Wen-Cheng in the Seventh Century. The original palace was largely destroyed in the medieval era. It was rebuilt by the fifth Dalai Lama in the Seventeenth Century. The palace has 13 stories, and is 117 meters high. It was the chief residence of the Dalai Lama until the 14th Dalai Lama fled to Dharamsala, India after a failed uprising in 1959.

February 17

Angkor Wat
The temples at Angkor are spread out over some 40 miles around the village of Siem Reap, about 192 miles from the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. They were built between the eighth and 13th centuries and range from single towers made of bricks to vast stone temple complexes. It was mysteriously abandoned by the Khmer civilization. The jungle soon overwhelmed Angkor Wat, hiding it for several centuries with thick tropical foliage.

February 16

Mittal's new house is in Kensington Palace Gardens, the world's most expensive residential neighborhood, where the average home price is $85 million.

February 15

The Winter Palace
The Winter Palace was commissioned by the daughter of Peter the Great, Empress Elizabeth I, in 1754 as an official royal residence. The Palace was the official residence of the Russian Emperors and Empresses from 1762 till February 1917 when the ruling dynasty of the Romanovs was overthrown by the Revolution.

February 14

Boldt Castle
At the turn-of-the-century, George C. Boldt, millionaire proprietor of the world famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, set out to build a full size Rhineland Castle in Alexandria Bay, on Picturesque Heart Island. The grandiose structure was to be a display of his love for his wife, Louise.

February 13

Imagine a dwelling so splendid that the king of France, after spending the evening there as a guest, claps the owner in jail for the rest of his life for attempting to overshadow the monarchy!

The minister: Nicolas Fouquet. The king: Louis XIV. The crime: misappropriation of funds, although the charges were trumped up. The real reason for Fouquet’s incarceration, or at least the straw that broke the royal camel’s back, was the king’s envy over the magnificent château where the party was held.

February 12

Dolmabahçe Palace
This opulent palace was built in 1843-1856, during the reign of Sultan Abdul Mecit I. The palace served as the official residence of the sultans till 1876. It consists of mainly 3 parts, the Mabeyn (State rooms), the Muayede Salon (Ceremonial Hall) and the Harem (where the Sultan and his entourage lived). The palace has 285 rooms, 46 halls and 6 hamams.
Also see the Wikipedia entry.

February 11

Kibrisli Yali, built in 1775, was named for Kibrisli Mehmet Emin Pasha, the Cypriot grand vizier of Sultan Mahmut II who bought it in 1840. Seven generations of the Kibrisli family have lived in the yali, and today it is still the family’s summer home.

February 10

The Butler's Tour of Mar-A-Lago
Tony Senecal, Donald Trump's butler, opens the doors to Mar-A-Lago for a rare peek inside the Palm Beach estate.

February 9

Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang
Qin Shi Huangdi (259 BC - 210 BC), the first emperor of China, ascended the throne at the age of 13, when construction of his tomb began. On completion of his many conquests, he ordered 720,000 conscript laborers to hurry up on building his royal tomb. It was finished just-in-time in 210 BC for his use. His son, the second Qin Emperor,saw to his entombment.

February 8

HGTV Dream Home
HGTV is giving away a home worth more than $2 million. Tour the home & enter to win.

February 7

Ca' Rezzonico
In 1649, Filippo Bon, head of one of Venice's most important families, commissioned a palace to be built at the junction of the Grand Canal and the Rio di San Barnaba.

February 6

The Breakers
The Breakers is a mansion, built as the Newport summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, a member of the wealthy United States Vanderbilt family. Designed by renowned architect Richard Morris Hunt and with interior decoration by Jules Allard and Sons and Ogden Codman, Jr., the 70-room mansion was constructed between 1893 and 1895 at the then-astronomical cost of more than seven million dollars.

February 5

Hatfield House
Hatfield House, built between 1607 and 1611 by Robert Cecil, lst Earl of Salisbury and Chief Minister to James I, has been in the Cecil family ever since. Many interior scenes of the Wayne mansion in the 1989 film Batman were shot at Hatfield House

February 4

Biltmore Estate
George Vanderbilt named Biltmore Estate by combining two words: "Bildt," the region in Holland where the Vanderbilt family originated, and "more," an old English word meaning upland rolling hills. For more than a century, visitors have been fascinated by this remarkable place.

February 3

Castello di Polgeto
Polgeto Castle is considered the best conserved castle in the Umbertide area of Tuscany because it has always been inhabited. The property is now subdivided & portions are for sale as condominiums.

February 2

King Ludwig's Schloss Neuschwanstein
Neuschwanstein, originally a monument to the minnesingers of medieval times, was reinterpreted as the Castle of the Holy Grail and the Throne Room was redesigned as the Hall of the Holy Grail – dedicated to the mystery of salvation for the world.

February 1

Château de Cheverny
The Cheverny's estate has belonged to the same family, the Huraults, for more than six centuries.

February Fantasies

January 31




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